Our Story

Rally Registry is reinventing the patient experience by simplifying the way patients and caregivers seek and receive support. We use gift registries to celebrate. Why not use them to help support loved ones when they need it the most? 


The founding team was working together in the healthcare industry when Patty, our dear friend and colleague, was diagnosed with cancer. We were her inner circle and yet, there we were, completely unsure of what to do or say. We wanted to rally around her and coordinate our energy to deliver support and relief. Our solution? Helping out around the house and putting together a care box with fuzzy socks and DVDs. When Patty was in remission, we set out to create a better way.


Leveraging our professional backgrounds we created Rally Registry – a platform that not only offers insight into what patients will need and when they’ll need it, but provides a tool to connect with your loved one and harness the well-intentioned ‘what can I do to help?’ into more tangible support.

From the Desk of Patty

Cancer Survivor & Co-Founder

Rally Registry was an endeavor created out of love and necessity.


After a routine mammogram at age 43, I heard the words that I have in common with so many of you reading this today – it’s cancer. The club none of us wanted to join. I felt at the top of my game, had no family history of cancer, how could this happen? I was in complete and utter shock.


I had spent my career in healthcare overseeing the case management of others. Perhaps why my disbelief quickly turned into action. I (quite literally) went into survival mode. I focused on my treatment plan, aware of the long road ahead. I had trust in the medical professionals treating the disease, but knew the burden was on me to maintain the quality of life for me and my family throughout treatment.


A consummate organizer, I started accumulating ideas, resources and support into a pink 3-ring binder. That binder represented the cumulative knowledge of countless health professionals, fellow patients, friends, family and personal experience – serving as a cornerstone of both comfort and support. It went with me everywhere. My very own guide to the supportive goods and services that gave me the relief and support I needed each and every day.


I am here today to give everyone their version of my pink binder. My wish is that Rally Registry serves as a guide to find the relief and support you need throughout treatment.

Forget the Flowers

Are flowers beautiful? Yes (well, sometimes)Helpful? Not so much. 

At a time like this, we can do better than that. 

We don’t disagree “it’s the thought that counts”, we

just believe in transferring that thoughtfulness into helpfulness.