Full Circle Neat Nut Scour Pads – Case



The Neat Nut scrubbing pads are made from walnut shells for natural scouring power. Gentle on surfaces, yet effective and durable.


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Why We Love

Full Circle Home is obsessed with the little details. Their team set out to develop a new way of making products. They deliver on that mission with innovative, well designed, responsibly made tools that create healthier options and inspire smarter choices. The Neat Nut Scour Pads are great scrubbers, but wont scratch up your pots and pans.  Made from walnut shells, we love that these Full Circle pads provide a great non-toxic alternative to other sponges and scour pads made from petrochemical plastics.

The Details

  • Sold in pack of 18
  • Non-toxic


*We strive to provide accurate product information but please refer to product packaging for most up to date details. We assume no liability for inaccuracies.

How to Use

Be mindful of kitchen sponge safety if going through treatment that increases risk of infection. Here are some general sponge safety dos & don’ts:


  • DO CLEAN SPONGES DAILY: Toss sponges in the dish washer with a drying cycle, or microwave a damp sponge for one minute to kill 99% of bacteria, yeasts and molds.
  • DO REPLACE SPONGES FREQUENTLY: Even if you clean your kitchen sponge daily, remember to replace it frequently. If your sponge starts to smell at any time, toss it out immediately.
  • DO STORE IN A DRY LOCATION: It’s important to not only wring out your sponge completely after each use and wash off any loose food or debris, but you should also store it in a dry location.


  • DON’T WIPE UP MEAT JUICES: Cleaning up spills from ground beef or poultry with a sponge can increase your chances of spreading harmful foodborne pathogens. Instead, use a paper towel or disinfectant wipes to clean up meat juices.
  • DON’T USE SPONGES ON COUNTER TOPS: Germs and bacteria can spread from the sponge to your counter top, so use a paper towel or disinfectant wipes to clean counter tops instead.


Care: Hand Wash. Products like this do best with a thorough wash in warm, soapy water. Just let it dry thoroughly before using and you’ll be ready to go.


*Usage suggestions are not intended to replace medical advice. We recommend that you read product labels and directions before using or consuming a product, and direct any questions to a licensed healthcare professional.