Pack Your Chemo Bag Bundle



The RR Pack Your Chemo Bag Bundle delivers our list of essentials to bring along to each infusion session. Starting Chemotherapy can be overwhelming, but each item in this bundle was selected to make this process a bit more comfortable.


Included in the Bundle:

Avana Memory Foam Snuggle Pillow: Just like sitting for extended periods of time in a car or airplane, it can be helpful to have a travel pillow during infusion sessions.

Acupressure Bands: Washable, reusable anti-nausea solution.

Hydrating Balm: Petroleum free cure-all balm for TLC to IV areas, brittle nails or dry/irritated skin from treatment.

Fleece Headphones: Headphones in a headband for optimal comfort as you listen to music, your favorite podcast meditation app, or audiobook to keep distracted during infusion sessions.

Pack of Hand Sanitizer: Six pack of of  gentle, hospital grade hand sanitizer to limit risk of infection when immune system is compromised

Create of Meal Shakes: Loss of appetite, mouth sores and taste changes make meal time more complicated. Nurses may have crackers or cookies on hand, but meal shakes are an easy way to keep your strength up.

Water Bottle: Collapsible water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated throughout infusion

Hard Candy: Combat dry mouth and nausea for a 2-in-1 solution

Möbi: A fun numerical tile game to pass the time and keep your mind sharp!

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Why We Love

Our chemo bag packing list in one click! This bundle delivers the essentials to bring to and from chemo.  This is a great way to prepare yourself for infusion sessions or to gift a friend or family member who is about to start these treatments. Deliver the perfect mix of comfort and practicality to a loved one in need.

The Details

  • Products included in Gift Box: Avana Uno Memory Foam Snuggle Pillow, Sea-Band Adult Acupressure Bands, CV SkinLabs Restorative Balm, Acoustic Sheep Wireless Fleece Headphones, Eliptol Sanitizer Gel (Pack of 6), Chocolate Ensure Meal Shakes (Case of  24 8oz bottles), Que Water Bottle, Queasy Drop Assorted (Pack of 2), Mobi Numerical Tile Game
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