Plated Meal Delivery Gift Credit



The Plated Meal Delivery Gift Credit is the perfect way to send a gesture of support. Plated provides everything you need to make amazing dinners delivered in one perfectly customized box. The recipient and their family will have credit to choose from a balanced range of new meal choices each week.


A wonderful gesture of support. The recipient can select the menu and schedule delivery on a convenient day of their choosing, so they get the most out of the meal service. Plated Meal Delivery Gift Credit will provide the recipient with approximately 2 dinners (4 servings at each meal).


Why We Love

The Plated Meal Delivery Gift Credit provides the perfect mix of support and flexibility. It is such a useful and beautiful gesture to send a meal, but by sending the gift credit it also allows the recipient to pick a menu that fits their taste preference and it delivers the flexibility to schedule on a day that makes sense for them and their family.

The Details

  • Plated is a delivery meal kit service.
  • Gift Credit value provides recipient with 2 dinners (4 servings per meal).
  • Each serving feeds 1 adult or 1-2 children
  • Recipient can select the menu/day of delivery and plated delivers the ingredients precisely measured for the recipes they select.
  • Less prep time, less food waste, and more control over your schedule.
  • Quality ingredients (fresh & seasonal/organic produce when possible)
  • Gift Credit can be sent electronically or print copy via USPS.

How to Activate

A member of the Rally Registry support team will contact you upon purchase to confirm personal note to send alongside the Plated Meal Delivery Gift Credit. We will also coordinate with you to send the credit electronically or via mail.