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The Billow Pillow is the ultimate post- surgery recovery pillow for chest/abdominal procedures. Included with each Billow Pillow is a luxurious organic cotton and machine washable “Billow case” and a bag for travel and storage.


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Why We Love

The Billow Pillow’s patented ergonomic design will embrace you with luxurious comfort. Many of the best patient lifestyle products are designed by someone who has experienced a cancer diagnosis and realized a discomfort or symptom that needed easing. Billow Pillow is the perfect example of this – created by a woman who knows first hand how important rest and comfort are to recovery, overall health and well-being. The Billow Pillow is a recovery pillow deigned to provide the perfect chest, back, underarm and neck support. Originally created specifically as a mastectomy recovery pillow, it is great for women or individuals experiencing difficulty laying on their stomachs post-surgery.

The Details

  • The Billow kapok pillow is made from a blend of USDA and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton and kapok. Kapok is a vegetable down and often referred to as “silk cotton”. Kapok is a soft, silky and all natural fiber with a similar feel to a down pillow.
  • The Billow kapok pillow is filled with kapok that is naturally harvested from the seed pods that are dropped from the Ceiba trees in tropical rain forest regions. This helps to preserve the life of the tree and encourage the local economies of the indigenous people.
  • The Billow kapok pillow is cruelty-free and not treated with chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. It is also a compostable and biodegradable resource that reduces waste. As kapok is not treated for flammability, it is best to use precaution if burning candles or incense close to any bedding or pillows made with kapok.
  • Natural fiber pillows may compress over time, but will remain comfortable and supportive. Kapok pillows in general may compress and have a warmer feel than natural wool. However, a Billow filled with kapok will maintain its shape due to its overall segmented construction.
  • The Billow is ideal for surgery recovery, massage support and daily rest.


Additional Features:

  • Includes an area specifically designed area for the breasts to provide a soft and supportive experience post mastectomy, breast reconstruction, augmentation or other breast surgery (or may provide comfort for women with a larger bust).
  • Firm support in the Billow pillow’s torso area alleviates pressure on the lower back while also providing much support to the breasts post mastectomy.
  • The Pillow features a softer filling in the upper arm and neck area to provide additional relief for those experiencing extreme sensitivity. This is important for patients who have lymphadenectomy, or lymph node dissection. Immediately post surgery, the Billow pillow makes an extremely comfortable back pillow.
  • Keeps you slightly elevated and is a perfect substitute for the “nest” of pillows that are constantly shifting and moving positions.


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How to Use

Sleeping on Back

The Billow pillow keeps your torso raised and slightly elevated without compromising sensitive breasts and stomachs post surgery. This position is beneficial for patients who have breast surgery including mastectomy, reconstruction, augmentation or reduction, cardio thoracic, facial and abdominal surgery. Lying in this position also helps to reduce snoring and sleep apnea.


Side Relief

Billow provides support to the neck and shoulder while lying on your side. The Billow roll pillow can add extra comfort between the breasts or stomach while in this position.


Sleeping on Stomach

The Billow pillow provides breast, under arm, neck and lower back support for those with extreme sensitivity in those areas. This position provides maximum comfort while lying on your stomach or getting a massage and is perfect for post surgery, nursing moms, or anyone who has larger breasts or needs extra back support while lying on their stomach.

*post surgical patients must always consult their physician prior to sleeping on stomach


*Usage suggestions are not intended to replace medical advice. We recommend that you read product labels and directions before using or consuming a product, and direct any questions to a licensed healthcare professional.